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There are other companies in the cardiovascular disease risk assessment testing market, but CardioVIP is the only one in the United States with a proprietary Vascular Improvement Program integrating state-of-the-art Physical Diagnostic Tests (PDxs) and cutting edge bio-monitors. Through the combination of these tools, we offer a more advanced and specific risk characterization picture in at-risk CV patients. For physicians, our process provides more options and insight into effective therapy solutions, and our Electronic Medical Communication System (EMCS) facilitates communication, behavior modification and enables compliance. Accessing our personalized cardiovascular disease management program that includes one-on-one coaching with our iCoaches is a key step in driving improved patient outcomes in the secondary prevention market.

To achieve a comprehensive characterization of at-risk patients, we offer:

  • A truly expansive array of cutting edge Bio-monitors that determine the baseline for on-going longitudinal monitoring of therapeutic response.
  • State of the art Physical Diagnostic Tests (PDxs), measuring physical and anatomical predictors of CVD, along with functional tests that provide a baseline of physiological functionality.
  • Clinical assessment of near-term, mid-term, and long-term cardiovascular risk driven by CardioVIP’s unique proprietary algorithms.
  • Access to the CardioVIP EMCS (Electronic Medical Communication System). A central communication system between patient, physician and iCoach, that facilitates compliance, behavior modification and monitoring of outcomes improvement.
  • CardioVIP HealthyHeart Personalized Coaching for at-risk patients. Once tested, patients have access to unlimited disease management coaching at no additional cost.
  • The only Vascular Improvement Program (VIP) enhanced by a unique longitudinal, patient-specific database (The CardioVIP KnowledgeBase) incorporating both behavior data and test metrics enabling ongoing monitoring.

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