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CardioVIP is a state-of-the-art cardiac risk characterization company. 'Risk Characterization' is really just a quicker way of saying that we determine your unique set of risk factors, biological and physiological conditions, and body chemistry that could put you at risk for Cardiovascular Disease.

We are the most comprehensive clinical solution to improve your cardiovascular health, fitness level, and well-being. Put simply, we're in the business to make you healthier - minimizing your risk factors for disease, now and for the long term.

How do we do this?

The first step is recognizing your risks for heart disease and stroke. CardioVIP tests help provide the answers!

We've created an approach to cardiac wellness, using a unique mix of the latest, cutting-edge blood tests and next generation physical diagnostic tests on the one hand, and seasoned, experienced health care professionals on the other. We've integrated the best technology in existence with a deeply experienced top-notch clinical staff. Your detailed test results including physical images of your arteries, give your physician the information needed to design a specific treatment plan just for you.

Our iCoach will then meet with you to explain your treatment plan and our CardioVIP HealthyHeart Program where you'll get started with an achievable lifestyle action plan. This is a time when the iCoach will start you eating healthier, answer any questions you may have about your medications and/or side effects to be aware of and help set exercise and weight loss goals.

You'll also get your very own customized, easy-to-use, interactive webpage at where
you can easily view all of your test results, track your progress, and have unlimited access to your iCoach.