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The Results-Oriented Approach to Coaching

When you test with WellnessVIP, you have access to ongoing, unlimited coaching at no additional cost so you can reduce your disease risk and reach your personal lifestyle goals. Your iCoach is a physician-directed healthcare professional whose job is to educate and support your personalized cardiovascular wellness program that encompasses nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, and medication compliance. Our proprietary iCoach program will motivate and guide you to stick with your physician’s customized treatment plan and provide positive reinforcement and educational resources so you can not only learn what you need to do, but how you need to do it in order to sustain your new, healthy lifestyle.


  • Using the WellnessVIP test results, the iCoach works with your physician in the development of a treatment plan that is unique to you
  • Communicates with you about your treatment plan, including your nutrition, exercise, stress reduction and medication recommendations
  • Works directly with you to identify and create an achievable lifestyle action plan
  • Provides lifestyle education and tools to help you modify behaviors that may negatively contribute to your risk for cardiovascular disease
  • Ensures your program results in success